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I've been working as a security guard at SDB for about 7 years. Some time ago, my family was going through some financial difficulties and instead of being upset, I decided to get a job and start working. My husband who also happens to be a security guard encouraged me to apply. I'm proud that with my earnings, I have helped educate both my children and even got my daughter married! All this would not have been possible without SDB.

Vijaya, Security Guard at SDB Security Services

I've been with SDB for ten years now. I started as a Regional Officer and I'm now the Branch Manager responsible for a team of over 500 people. Before this, I was with the army for 15 years and retired as a Seargent. My father was also an army officer and my grandfather was in the police force. The two core values at SDB that really resonate with me are honesty and reliability. What's different about this organization is that you're truly empowered to do your job and as a result, you empower your team.

Nazeeruddin Shaik, Branch Manager at SDB

In the last 19 years, I've grown from a security guard to being a shift in-charge, a checking officer, then a regional officer to a deputy regional manager and now I'm very proud to say that I'm a Branch Manager at SDB. My biggest achievement so far is the fact that I've inspired my two young daughters. I've shown them with hard work, drive and commitment they can achieve anything they set their mind to. In fact, my eldest daughter wants to become a lawyer. I'm forever grateful to hashtag#SDB for believing in me 19 years ago.

Pushpalingam, Branch Manager and SDB Security Services Veteran

I've been working with SDB Security Services for over thirty years now. I started out as a security guard and I'm now proud to say that I'm the General Manager – Operations. Over the years, I've worked in different departments and have been involved in pretty much all aspects of the company. I tell every new employee the same thing – if you're focused, hardworking and dedicated you will be recognized and you will be given plenty of opportunity to advance and grow. Look at me! I'm the best example of the SDB story!

Giridharan, General Manager, Operations and SDB Security Services Veteran

I started as a security guard back in 2000 and I'm now the Branch Manager and have over 300 guards reporting to me. What I like most is the work culture - when you work hard and perform well, you're given more opportunities. In fact one of my goals is to continue growing at #IAMSDB and eventually retire here.

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